Military soldiers beat us all the way up the street, from the bridge to the hospital. They beat us with their sticks, kicked us, and punched us. At one point there were around 10 or 15 of them beating me. They put us into vans; there were around 25 or 28 of us in one van and there were women with us. I saw soldiers hit them. Then they took us to the military police camp in Khalifa al-Maamoun, where they beat us again. My head was bleeding and my clothes were ripped by the time they brought me after that to the military prosecutor. Then they moved us to Tora prison. When we arrived there we were given a “reception party” where three plainclothes prison officials beat us and whipped us with hoses.

On May 5 military prosecutors released 16 women, and on May 10, 17 men arrested at an earlier demonstration, on grounds that they were students.  Adel Khattab was one of those released, and later told Human Rights Watch his story.

Egypt: Widespread Military Torture of Protesters Arrested in May | Human Rights Watch

(via humanrightswatch)


About that police brutality indeed… Here’s a member of the NYPD caught on camera boasting about how he’s going to beat protesters. He actually says, “My little nightstick’s going to get a workout tonight!” The officer then strikes the ground with his baton.

For more on tonight’s police brutality committed by the NYPD, click here.

I hope everyone is as outraged by this as I am.  We had arrests last night in St. Louis last night as well and now they are refusing to set bond.  Pass the word we need more people in St. Louis tonight.  Solidarity!

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