25,Sep,2014, Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinians in Hebron.

I saw small boys baited and killed by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza refugee camp of Khan Younis. The soldiers swore at the boys in Arabic over the loudspeakers of their armored jeep. The boys, about 10 years old, then threw stones at an Israeli vehicle and the soldiers opened fire, killing some, wounding others. I was present more than once as Israeli troops drew out and shot Palestinian children in this way. Such incidents, in the Israeli lexicon, become children caught in crossfire.

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More things to do: write/call your awful “representatives”.


People asked what to do besides going to protests, donating, and supporting BDS. Call government and businesses. There’s a call-in week organized. People to call:

  1. Contact President Obama at (202) 456-1111 and the State Department at (202) 647-4000. Demand that they immediately withdraw U.S. military aid from Israel and call on Israel to immediately end its attacks. Tell them to stop supporting Israel’s crimes with our tax dollars.
  2. Call the Egyptian Embassy at (202) 895-5400 and demand they open the Rafah border for injured Palestinians in need of urgent medical care. Alternate number: (202) 966-6342.
  3. Call Boeing. Boeing provides Israel with F-15A fighter jets, Apache AH 64 helicopters, tungsten or DIMEbombs to attack Gaza. Boeing’s headquarters are located in Chicago. Contact Boeing at (312) 544-2140 and demand they stop giving Israel weapons to use against civilians in Gaza.
    Visit this link to see other corporations that are involved in the current attacks on Gaza. Look for a corporation near you if possible and call them and protest at their offices:
  4. Call your U.S. Senators and ask that Congress demand an end to the siege of Gaza. You can find your senators at

Write your own letter and send it in. If you don’t know what to write, here’s one a friend edited off something else he found.

"I am writing to express my strong opposition to S. Res. 498. This one-sided resolution does far more to damage the prospects for peace than advance them, and fails to hold Israel accountable for its repeated and flagrant misuse of U.S.-supplied weapons.

Since July 7, Israel has killed at least 572 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were civilians, including over 100 children, and injured more than 3,300 people. Tens of thousands have been displaced or had their homes destroyed. Israel continues to deliberately target homes full of Palestinian civilians who have nowhere to run and are worried about Israel repeating its actions during 2008-2009 of dropping white phosphorous on Palestinian families sheltering in UN compounds. NOW, in 2014, Israel is test-driving new military technology like the absolutely brutal DIME system.

The lives of Palestinian civilians hang in the balance and I urge you to work for an immediate ceasefire.

I also demand that Israel be held accountable for the injuring and killing of Palestinians and U.S. citizens by applying the provisions of the “Leahy Law.” Individual soldiers and police who commit these crimes should be barred from getting a visa to the United States and military aid should be denied to units of the forces that commit these crimes, in accordance with U.S. law.

In addition, I am extremely concerned that U.S. military aid facilitates Israel’s ongoing collective punishment of Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation and the egregious and systematic human rights abuses Palestinian face on a daily basis. STOP FUNDING Israeli war crimes, genocide, apartheid, and occupation. End our complicity in these atrocities and human rights violations and name them the situation for what it is, a MASSACRE.

Amnesty International USA recently wrote Members of Congress that “the U.S. is the largest foreign supplier of weapons, munitions, police equipment, and military aid to Israel. As a consequence, the U.S. has special responsibilities in the context of Israel’s lack of accountability for human rights violations.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Amnesty that Congress should therefore “suspend transfers of munitions, weapons, crowd control devices, and military training to Israel.”

I look forward to receiving your response as to how the United States will take steps to ensure that our military support for Israel is no longer used to commit human rights abuses against both Americans and Palestinians. If you continue to support AIPAC and other organizations which cosign and promote this shameless collective punishment and murder, I want to make it absolutely clear: YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ME.

I would like a response to my letter. Thank you.”

Now do it.


A question from Gaza: Am I not human enough? | Al Jazeera English

By Maisam Abumorr

August 3, 2014

The difference between you and me: I stood up and fought for my lost land and for everything that is dear to me.

I remember when I attended a three-day workshop on international law and human rights by the ICRC in Gaza, one of the attendees asked the trainer: “What do I do to be qualified to obtain those human rights?” The trainer replied without much thought: “Nothing. You should be a human, that’s all”.

The question now is, what am I supposed to do/be to be qualified as a human? As far as I can tell, I live like normal humans do. I love, I hate, I cry, I laugh, I make mistakes, I learn, I dream, I hurt, I get hurt, I love pizza, I watched Titanic 6 times, I have a crush on Bradly Cooper, I get sick, I sometimes tell lame jokes to which only I laugh and last time I checked myself in the mirror I very much looked human.

The only difference is that an occupying nation came from nowhere to claim exclusive ownership of my land on which an endless chain of my ancestors lived, and they started to ethnically cleanse my people.

My only sin is that I stood up and fought for my lost land and for everything that is dear to me.

The world accused me of terrorism just because I refused to be killed like an animal. But, even an animal will fight for its life.

I obeyed the US and went to elections; I voted for a party which met my expectations. But then I was punished for practicing the very democracy they taught me. I didn’t realize that the modern definition of democracy is to elect a party approved by the US, not a party that the majority of voters want.

As a result, I was put under severe blockade and was subject to systematic starvation, locked in a tiny patch of land isolated from the rest of the world for years.

I finished my university degree in that period, studying for my finals by candle light and writing entire research papers by hand. I often spent the long school days without having enough money to buy food because my father, an engineer, had nothing to build with.

Within four strenuous years I graduated with big dreams. Unfortunately, they were bigger than my reality.

I remained jobless despite the huge potential I have.

I stood up and fought for what I perceived as my basic rights but what the whole world calls terrorism. My Gaza that has been exhausted by poverty and isolation was also subject to three deadly wars within less than a decade by the Israeli occupation whose forces are armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, paid for by US tax payers.

And the world again blames me for fighting back with my very humble and often-laughed-at, hand-made weapons.

Tens of my people are being killed on a daily basis and I’m watching my childhood and youth wasted in pain and utter misery and the world is still labeling me a terrorist.

I am a terrorist because I fight for my basic rights which everyone else is taking for granted without shedding a single drop of blood and without being dehumanised.

Twenty-seven days of my short life were robbed from what are supposed to be the most beautiful years of my life. I spent them watching my loved ones getting killed because they were not human enough in the eyes of the world and I will spend many more years recovering from the war trauma instead of building my career.

If I don’t survive this war, I would like the world to know that I have never seen a rocket nor stored any in my house.

Rest assured that I was not used as a human shield!

As I am writing this article, my mother told my father that we are out of cooking gas, knowing that we have been out of water and power for days now.

I still have not figured out what crime I have committed to endure this kind of wretchedness. I wonder what being human feels like.

Maisam Abumorr is a graduate of English Literature, a current student of Translation (high diploma) and Political Science and Media (BA) in the Islamic University of Gaza, a blogger and a body language trainer.

Copyright © 2014 Al Jazeera.

Three years ago, a team of Israeli documentary-makers produced a brilliant film about the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank entitled The Gatekeepers. For this, they persuaded five former heads of the Shin Bet, the nation’s security service, to be interviewed on camera. The outcome was fascinating, and devastating. Each chief in turn described the ruthless policies he had enforced to sustain Israeli dominance. Most agreed that repression had been counter-productive. Part of the explanation, they said, was that since the assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish fanatic back in 1995, no Jerusalem government has pursued a serious political strategy for peace. The security forces have simply been left to impose varying degrees of repression, while Jewish settlers grab ever-larger areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem. In a remarkable moment of frankness, one former Shin Bet chief said: ‘Occupation has made us a cruel people.’
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