If you’ve seen these pictures with clever quotes from atheists floating around tumblr then you may be tempted to think that there’s some intellectual substance behind them. Don’t be fooled, they’re catchy, but most of them show a ridiculous ignorance of history, theology and philosophy.

Exhibit A: Established religions rarely confront civil governments about their injustices?

Carl Sagan clearly needs to open up a history book. Just off the top of my head the following people from only the last 100 years come to mind:

Pope John Paul II and communism.

Blessed Cardinal von Galen openly opposed Hitler.

Pius XII issued a letter condemning racism and ordered it read from the pulpit of every Catholic Church in Germany.

Leo XIII condemned abusing workers.

Then, you know, the REVEREND Martin Luther King. “Rationalhub” is being terribly irrational. 

That not so awkward moment when whycatholicism misses the point.  Carl did say rarely; he didn’t say never.  Rationalhub isn’t being terribly irrational; you’re being terribly irrational and you clearly lack basic reading comprehension.  Mr.Sagan is dead by the way, but I’m sure he opened up plenty of history books.  He was one of the brightest minds of our time.  Have some respect.  Also, I don’t like your religiocentrism.  You used all Catholic examples; the only exception is Martin Luther King.  Who cares if he was a “REVEREND”?  You can’t make a point without bold capital letters?  Next time read carefully rather than attempting to debase a quote because it was featured on some atheism blogs.  You’re either desperate for content or angry at Mr.Sagan for making a good point.

Also every single example was from the 20th Century.

The Catholic Church has been around a hellalot longer than just 100 years. So 3 instances in 100 years does not make the entirety any more than the “rarely” in the quote.

(Source: rationalhub)


Stop the Religious Right. Four Steps You Can Take, author Sean Faircloth

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Faircloth is Dir. of Strategy & Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, US. Faircloth delivered these remarks at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor on Oct. 23, 2012. This was his third tour as opening speaker for Prof. Richard Dawkins. This event was part of a series of lectures hosted by the U. of Michigan.

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