I think about this almost every day

If the majority of women knew how important they are when it comes to a world wide uprising against the aforementioned problems, our governments or what is now our hijacked governments (taken over by greedy, sexist, racist imbeciles) would have a lot to be afraid of. If you knew how many, how strong, how able you women are.. the things you can achieve, there’d no longer be a “Man’s world” rather.. a world.

I can almost see it, all of you, hitting your limit of acceptance and conformity worldwide. Reaching a boiling point so hot that you are no longer bound by politics, laws, religions and petty differences. I want to see that happen within my own time. Maybe I’m just thinking irrationally, but sometimes I even picture a set of events leading to a better future that was started largely because women broke free from their current societal and patriarchal constraints. Personally, I believe a public that embraces instead of ousting their women has a likelier chance of getting what they want from an uprising. Without women we have nothing. With you? we could have the world.

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