Tumblr Launches Reblorg to Highlight ‘Original Creative Work’ »

And as every “media network” knows, readers want see original content, which Mashable says is not something Tumblr has traditionally been known for. To demonstrate otherwise, Tumblr’s editorial department launched a new site called Reblorg yesterday, a play on the “reblog” button. The company is billing the site as “Tumblr’s hub for original creative work,” which includes, “video, animation, GIFs, glitches, music, paintings, challenge posts, contests, games, tech toys, collage, haiku, limericks, and kabuki coding.” Users can submit posts by tagging them #reblorg.

Our submission rules are simple: you must have made it, and it must be new.

So, this is why this new tumblog makes news…

Unattributed sharing doesn’t irritate me at all. I think part of the unspoken agreement you have when uploading a GIF anywhere on the Internet is that it’s no longer yours — it’s part of the great big community pool we all visit when wanting to express how we’re feeling in the way nature intended: on a loop.
The great Bobby Finger, in Anna Friedman’s nice Poynter piece, “What journalists need to know about animated GIFs.” (via markcoatney)


PRESENTING: Hey Girl, it’s John Roberts!

In 2010, less than three in 10 Americans knew who John Roberts was. Today, Roberts has become the talk of Washington with his surprise ruling in the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act. […] With Roberts’ popularity soaring, there was only one thing we could do: Meme-ify him. Obviously, we went according to the mold of Ryan Gosling

Though unlike Ryan Gosling, “Hey Girl, It’s John Roberts!” memes are yet not taste the Tumblr popularity.

Tumblr, get your shit together.


I don’t even have Missing E installed on this computer. 

And stop hiding behind the “oh you have missing e you can’t contact us nanananna” 

Stop being babies. I understand that you don’t want reports about Missing E, but honestly, take a page out of their book and actually think about putting in the features that it has- because that’s why people love it. It’s enhancing their experience with tumblr, making them stay longer, rather than turning them away from it. There are no privacy issues and the scare tactics are annoying as hell. 

Because of your scare tactics about privacy and whatnot, even more people are afraid to get Missing E, thus turning them away from all the feature that might help ease their experience on tumblr and make them stay longer. 

So yeah. Get over yourselves. I would have left this site months ago if it wasn’t for that extension. 

Me too, just sayin.

Piss On You, Wyatt: Security Warning on Tumblr



Apparently this is happening to a lot of users and nobody has any answers.

I was in the middle of browsing when it told me there was a security warning for suspicious activity and that I needed to reset my password. I wasn’t sure whether it was a hack or something so I didn’t really want to do…

I love my blog, The Political Freakshow, as well. I would hate to see it get hacked. I’ve put too much work in keeping up this blog.

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