BOEHNER CAUGHT WITH HIS BRITCHES DOWN — WAY past his knees. House Speaker, John Boehner, was caught owning stock in companies that would profit from the Keystone XL Pipeline Boehner has been badgering Obama about approving, even threatening to cut off future negotiations on the economy if it’s not approved. Even in Texas, where I was raised, this wouldn’t pass the sniff test. It stinks to high hades. So much so, that the SEC is considering an investigation because Boehner’s promotion of the pipeline constitutes “misleading information to potential and current investors” when he makes empty promises like “Keystone will create thousands of jobs” when 50 permanent jobs is the reality. Seldom has there been a more clear cut case of elected officials gorging themselves at the trough of taxpayer expense, not to mention his denying the facts of the tar sands’s devastating effects on the environment. It’s time to impeach Boehner, or as my liberal friend Daniel Stewart says, “Repeal and Replace” all the Republican “leaders” with people who work for “We the People, NOT the plutocrats. Thanks also to Sheila Datz for this story lead.

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