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To Everyone Who Is Supporting Obama Because He “Supports” Their Views on Gay Marriage, Abortion, Feminism, Or Other Social Issues,

Are these issues really the biggest thing you should be focusing your vote on as taxes skyrocket, our debt goes through the roof, our economy crumbles, our Medicare system fails, our credit score hurts, and jobs become a dying breed? As Obama promises to make your social dreams about “equality” true, consider this: All the promises he made about “change” and fixing our country four years ago…. has he made good on those promises? Are you wasting your vote on someone who is proven to do anything but change, and leading us into a bigger abyss that is greater than any social issue, an abyss of destruction and ruin for our great nation?

Just something to consider.


A 17 year old female Conservative who supports gay marriage, is not a heavy handed Bible thumper, and sees The Bigger Picture.

  1. Under Barack Obama, taxes have hit a 30-year low. Mitt Romney’s tax plan, on the other hand, is expected to raise taxes on middle and lower income voters. The only people who will experience tax cuts under Romney are those with high incomes.
  2. Did you know that 3/4 of Obama’s deficits are due to tax breaks? Fun fact, when people rage about skyrocketing tax rates. Notably, Romney’s tax plan isn’t expected to reduce deficits, either. For realzies.
  3. The economy is actually improving. It’s not perfect, but it’s also not crumbling. It’s certainly not an abyss of destruction. Good grief. 
  4. Romney’s plan to repeal the $716 billion in savings achieved by cutting reimbursements to hospitals and insurance companies will actually hasten Medicare’s insolvency by 8 years and increase Medicare co-pays and premiums by over $300 a year for the next 10 years. Let’s not even get started on the plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system for private insurance. All the way around, Romney and Ryan’s plan for Medicare is horrific and will drive up costs on seniors present and future.
  5. The S&P downgrade was the result of political gridlock and the inability of Congress and Obama to produce legislation that shows significant steps toward reducing the public debt burden. Notably, Romney hasn’t really put forward any plans that resolve the latter issue, either, and if the political gridlock resolves, it’s because the GOP is no longer grandstanding and absolutely refusing to work with Democrats at all on anything.
  6. Instead of blaming Obama for lack of jobs recovery, maybe we should talk about the fact that Senate Republicans have blocked 19 pieces of job legislation in the last 2 years. And looking at Romney and Obama’s plans for jobs, it’s unlikely that Romney’s jobs plan will produce many or any jobs in the short-term. Obama has been talking about hiring back the 300,000 educators who have lost their jobs in the last 3 years thanks to budget cuts and austerity programs. Considering that loss of public sector jobs is a significant contributing factor in the unemployment rate, it’s worth revisiting how austerity programs actually hurt the economy more than they help. And we could learn a lot from Britain’s experience with austerity measures and a double-dip recession.

The fact that Obama supports equal access to marriage and the social and legal benefits it confers on people, respects women’s bodily autonomy and ability to make private medical decisions without the government’s interference, and women’s right to equal pay is really beside the point. Romney won’t balance the budget, won’t save the economy, won’t improve Medicare or reduce costs for its beneficiaries, and won’t create jobs.

A grown ass woman who knows how to fact check

Wow op. Privilege much?

Like fucking seriously. There are people out there who could potentially fucking DIE without the ability to get an abortion (my girlfriend for example, a pregnancy very well could potentially kill her).

There are people who are in committed relationships that cant’t get married because of religious puritan bullshit.

You act like people’s rights should take a fucking back seat to the economy (which most of your rambling about is bullshit anyway).

It’s obvious you don’t give a shit about things that affect other people and not you, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with this fucking country right now.

And there you have it - how to put a 17 year old conservative in her place - with FACTS!!!

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