Cop who bragged he 'fried another n-----' admits he falsely busted an S.I. black man to teach him respect for law enforcement



THE RACIST NYPD cop who boasted that he had “fried another n——-” now admits he falsely arrested the black man to teach him a lesson.

Michael Daragjati is scheduled to be sentenced Friday for violating the civil rights of Kenrick Gray after he was stopped and frisked in Staten Island.

Daragjati explains he fabricated a resisting arrest charge because Gray mouthed off to him. Gray spent two days in jail as a result of the bogus collar.

“I did so, not because of the color of his skin, but because he was rude and disrespectful to me,” Daragjati wrote in a six-page letter from his jail cell to Brooklyn Federal Judge William Kuntz, who is black and a former member of the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

“I thought that if he received a (desk appearance ticket and was released) this person wouldn’t have learned a lesson that he should not be disrespectful to law enforcement.”

The FBI had been probing Daragjati in an unrelated extortion investigation for threatening someone whom he thought had stolen his snowplow. In the course of that investigation, authorities taped Daragjati discussing Gray’s arrest and repeatedly using the N-word.

“I know that I will never be able to convince the world that I am not a racist,” Daragjati wrote. “I know that I am not … . That word was not reserved for people of color, it was used as an ignorant reference to those people in the street because of their conduct and disrespect for the community and members of law enforcement.”

Four Staten Island cops and two retired sergeants also wrote to the judge praising Daragati’s character and asking for leniency. On the most recent job evaluation before his arrest, Daragjati’s supervisor gave him the top grade for “community interaction.”

Daragjati, who has been fired from the force as a result of the conviction, vowed that he will never again utter the N-word. He faces up to 57 months in prison for the civil rights and extortion charges he pleaded guilty to this year.

“Law enforcement” doesn’t deserve respect.

I just can’t even …

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