Romney to Deny Insurance to Millions With A Pre-existing Condition

This is just awesome…like we don’t already have enough problems with our healthcare system… now according to Think Progress Mitt Romney has confirmed that he would allow insurers to deny coverage to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare later this month.  The former Massachusetts governor said that Americans who have not been “continuously insured” would not be protected from discrimination if they suffer from pre-existing conditions:

ROMNEY: So let’s say someone has been continuously insured and they develop a serious condition. And let’s say they lose their jobs or they change jobs or they move and go to a different place, I don’t want them to be denied insurance because they have some pre-existing conditions. So we’re going to have to make sure that the law that we replace Obamacare with,ensures that people who have a pre-existing condition, who have been insured in the past, are able to get insurance in the future so they don’t have to worry about that condition keeping them from getting the kind of health care they deserve.

This goes to show you how Mitt Romney is again out of touch with the average person.  NO AMERICAN should be denied insurance coverage…even with a pre-existing condition. Watch the ridiculousness in the video above.

such a despicable little man.

(Source: classwarfareexists.com)

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