Pat Robertson says something stupid again.

With bonus stupid.

Right Wing Watch:

Pat Robertson, who earlier called tornadoes a sign of the End Times, was asked today on the 700 Club about the tornadoes that have ravaged parts the country and killed at least twelve people. He said that the storms weren’t a malicious act of God and instead turned it around on the victims, asking, “why did you build houses where tornadoes were apt to happen?”

Probably because the midwest is America’s breadbasket and people have to eat. Besides, if Pat wants to share his knowledge of a disaster-proof area of the country, I’d be glad to hear it. If it’s not tornadoes, it’s earthquakes or floods or blizzards or hurricanes or landslides, etc. This is an argument the right often likes to make and it’s ridiculous.

But there’s more:

Robertson continued that the tornadoes may not have happened if people had prayed for divine intervention, “If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms.” He also told people who live in areas prone to natural disasters that it’s “their fault, not God’s.”

There’s just so much wrong here. First off, even if you believe in this sort of wizardry, the tornadoes actually have to happen before you pray for intervention — unless Pat’s saying midwesterners should constantly be praying against tornadoes.

Secondly, when those twisters were tossing around cars like toys outside, I’m guessing there was plenty of praying going on. In fact, I think you could say with certainty that a pray-o-meter would’ve spiked right about then.

Thirdly, all that praying didn’t work. At all.

This guy is a complete and total idiot and those who follow him are just living in denial of reality.  

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    This guy is a complete and total idiot and those who follow him are just living in denial of reality.
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    Every single fucking time Pat Robertson opens his mouth, horribleness comes out. I really don’t understand why he’s...
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    ah yes. interpreting weather as the emotions of a sky father. we sure have come a long way since we emerged from caves....
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    It was Robertson’s job to stop tornadoes through prayer, he failed, now can we move on and just ignore the man?
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